Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I install a GradedGuard case?

Check out our how-to video here:

  • Insert the top two corners in first, face up (front exposed).
  • Push down on the sides, working your way to the bottom.
  • Pop the bottom two corners in.
  • Done! All that's left to do is admire.
What shows will GradedGuard be attending?

Please reference our upcoming show schedule here.

What grading companies are compatible?
  • PSA cases are also compatible with: AGS (United States), PGS (Germany), TGA (United States), MGC (United Kingdom), and more!
Which GradedGuard cases fit thick holders?

At the moment, GradedGuard only supports standard-sized holders.

Do you offer custom colors?

Yes! To request a custom color, please fill out our contact form. Please note that custom colors will go through a project planning process and require high minimum order quantities.

How do I remove my GradedGuard cases?

Please carefully pop out the top two corners, one at a time, and then peel the case off your card. Tada!